Clayton helped us to develop our Social Impact Report. He delivered first class, user friendly training and thorough data analysis. His knowledge of the subject and depth of understanding inspired us to continue the process and we'll work with him again I'm sure.  Jane Claridge, General Manager, Norwich Theatre Royal


“When working with Clayton, one knows that the result will always be good. He understands the need for clarity in the brief; has a sound understanding of the needs of his clients and works hard to ensure that joint outcomes are measurable and robust. Clayton is an effective critical thinker with the ability to analyse situations effectively and deliver the right solution.”  Stephanie Allen, Owner, The Training Spa


“Even before "outcomes" where part of the public service rhetoric, Clayton and his associates spearheaded evidence based approaches to measuring outcomes to show impact and inform decision making. He used his creativity and extensive skills to create effective products. I successively sold those products and achieved a wider outcome in terms of the learning they enabled. He is very accessible and consultative. I would certainly work with him again and long-term as a partner.” Richard Catherall, Senior Manager in Business Development, Suffolk County Council and former CEO of Ipswich & District Council for Voluntry Service


"Clayton gave an inspiring and thought provoking presentation at recent Measuring Outcomes Conferences." Christine Davies CBE, Director, Centre for Excellence and Outcomes in Children and Young People's Services (C4EO) 


“I have always found Clayton to be highly organised and professional. He is a great listener and very willing to consider, devise and drive forward new ideas for training. In my experience he connects well with people at all levels and would a great asset to any organisation he works in or with.”  Sharon Rule, Owner, Sharon Rule Associates - Coaching and Training


“Clayton is one of those unusual people who is both passionate and professional about his work. I've spoken at events he's organised and seen how well he puts a conference or workshop together. He also manages to keep smiling, even when confronted with the unexpected surprise!  Clayton is also very human and genuine. Comfortable with his strengths and honest about the fact that he's not right all the time. A great guy - I support him where I can” Robert Ashton, Trustee, Norfolk Community Foundation


“I have known Clayton for the last 8 years. I have worked with Clayton on a number of different projects and always found his work to be of a high quality, and that he personally has been responsive and reliable.”  Suzanne Crouch, Director, Blackthorn Business Development