SOS Evaluation & Training offer a variety of consultancy services to suit a range of clients. SOS Evaluation & Training enjoys working with grassroots, voluntary and community sector organisations through to managers and leaders within the public sector. Each organisation that we work with can expect the same high level of knowledge and commitment to be applied, whatever the budget that is available to them.

A selection of our consultancy opportunities includes:

Outcomes Audit: SOS Evaluation & Training will work with you and your organisation to establish what outcomes your organisation or project is achieving, what you are already measuring and using, and make further recommendations as to what improvements could be made to your outcomes monitoring systems.

Implementing Outcomes Monitoring / Social Impact Systems: For a pre-agreed time and cost, SOS Evaluation & Training will work with you and your organisation to design and implement an outcomes monitoring / social impact system, or to update your existing outcomes monitoring / social impact systems. This could include the design and trialing of your own bespoke solutions or the implementation of an “off the shelf” package or tool. We will guide you from our initial conversations and work with you until the system works for you.

Collating Outcomes / Social Impact Data and Writing Outcomes / Social Impact Reports: Have you and your organisation been collecting data on outcomes and social impact but don’t know what to do next? Let us make sense of it all for you and produce an outcomes focused, social impact report for your project or organisation.

Assessing / Writing Outcomes Focused Funding Application and Tenders: Are you required to write an outcome focused funding application or complete a daunting tender document? SOS Evaluation & Training can be your critical friend and give feedback on your application or tender so far, help you to identify what to put into the bid in the first instance, or we can even write the application or tender for you with your support.

Business Development & Diversification: SOS Evaluation & Training have a wealth of experience in looking at an existing structure or offering for organisations operating within the voluntary and community sector. We are able to draw on a range of industry professionals to help you maximise your generated income and ensure your organisations future sustainability.

Building and Implementing Online Databases: Would it be useful for you, your project or organisation to have a central point to store your client details, access important information or collate outcomes data? SOS Evaluation & Training are able to work with you to design, build and implement online database systems using our favourite content management system, Drupal. We used Drupal to build our own website and we would have no hesitation to recommending it to any of our clients. Drupal is open source, which means it is free to use and edit and is supported by a large and extremely knowledgeable online community. You are not required to buy expensive software packages or pay costly licence fees to use it!

This is just an outline of the opportunities that SOS Evaluation & Training are able to offer our clients. If you would like to discuss working with SOS Evaluation & Training and how we could potentially help you, your project or organisation, please do not hesitate to contact us using the web form or telephone 07734 858437. An initial conversation costs you nothing except your time and we look forward to hearing from you.